How to change common task settings in VMware Horizon DaaS 6.x

There are a number of common tasks which you can change the default settings for. The tasks can be found by running the following query against the edb database.

edb=# SELECT name, max_concurrent_jobs, max_executing_time, description FROM t_task_type;  

It's a simple job to change any of these parameters. The syntax is:

UPDATE t_task_type SET <key>=<value> WHERE name=<task_name>;  


  • key = max_concurrent_jobs or max_executing_time
  • value = some suitable value of your choosing
  • task_name = cloneVM, powerOnVM, logoffUser, powerOffVM, etc

Note that modifying these are probably not supported by VMware so change them at your own risk!

For example, when I'm testing a clone VM operation I change the max_execution_time default of 12000000ms (3 hrs 20 min) to something more sensible. That way, if something breaks I don't have to wait so long for the task to timeout. If the total time (e.g. clone VM + sysprep + domain join + custom scripts) is not expected to take more than 30 min I change the max_executing_time to 1800000.

UPDATE t_task_type SET max_execution_time='1800000' WHERE name='cloneVM';  

A common reason to change the value would be if you wanted to increase the number of concurrent jobs for a given task, such as cloning VMs.